Electrical Inspection and Testing

The safety of your electrical circuit is paramount – a failure could be catastrophic for your business. All electrical systems will deteriorate with age, and environmental factors could speed up any degradation.

Regular electrical testing will safeguard your systems and protect your business.

PMW Electrical specialists are fully qualified in testing to current IEE standards. We offer a competent and comprehensive inspection and testing service that takes into account every factor – the age of the system, the suitability and serviceability for your needs and more. We ensure that you are fully compliant with any regulatory requirements.

We use Complete Circuit Identification to correctly identify and label any circuits, and the latest in thermal imaging equipment to accurately assess your operating system if required.

Our thorough testing and assessments are why we are recommended by some of the largest names in facilities management. PMW Electrical can provide a rolling plan for regular inspections in large businesses that ensure you are never left unprotected.

Our services include –

  • Electrical Installation Condition Reporting
  • Insurance Inspection Reports
  • Thermographic Inspection Surveys