Emergency Healthcare

Unobtrusive maintenance

There is one industry where an uninterruptible power supply is a necessity. Operating theatre’s, intensive care units, laboratories and neonatal units – just a few of the essential services provided by healthcare services in the UK where an electrical outage could have a life threatening impact.

PMW Electrical work in partnership with the NHS and with Sodexo, providers of Integrated Facilities Management for a number of healthcare organisations. We deliver regular electrical inspection and testing services on site, ensuring that the quality and resilience of the system is uncompromised.

Due to the nature of the industry, discrete, fast and low impact maintenance is required. Our electrical operators ensure that their rolling schedule of servicing causes minimal disruption to the healthcare provider at all times, with no need to close vital areas or impact on life saving services.

Specialist servicing and installations

Our engineers work in partnership with your team to deliver your project on time and without a hitch. Whether it’s a new installation or servicing of existing electrical systems, we have the know-how to back you up.

Every system is installed, identified and tested using Complete Circuit Identification. Correct identification of your circuitry is needed for the speedy resolution of issues, however it’s easy for labelling routines to become confused and forgotten over the years.

Our specialists can review your system and bring your panel and equipment controls back into order, saving hours of searching for a single point of failure in your electrical system.

Effective back up is essential. Healthcare organisations utilise engine or UPS backed systems to safeguard systems and lives. PMW Electrical partner with mechanical engineers during the installation of new systems or to inspect the performance of existing ones.