Electrical Installation

Commercial properties, industrial units, telecommunications centres, housing developments and schools; in today’s technology driven world, the value of robust electric circuits and reliable communication networks is immeasurable.

For businesses or industries that rely on a data network or telephone line, a loss in power supply or capability can have a costly – even life threatening – impact.

PMW Electrical deliver expertise in electrical installations, providing complete reassurance that your project is in safe hands. We’ve worked with some of the largest names in the business – keeping projects running on time and within costs.

British Telecom. O2, Airwave, NHS, G4S and Sodexo.

Project Management or Subcontractor – we fit where you need us.

Whether you need us to oversee and manage your installation, or subcontract as part of a larger project, our specialists have the knowledge and experience to keep installations running smoothly and on deadline.

In new builds, refurbishing of existing space or updating electrical systems, we ensure the system is designed and installed in unity with other works and not as an afterthought.

We provide advice on the best systems to suit your needs, whether that’s the most efficient telecommunications equipment or the most reliable UPS system.

Our bespoke LV Switchgear units give you complete control of your building, in one reliable package. We discuss your system requirements in advance, so that your made to order control panel is intuitive to your needs.

Cooling systems, data cabling, engine or UPS circuit back up, security and secure access systems, CCTV, cost-effective LED lighting, heating or air conditioning units and fire alarms – wherever you need power, we provide the expertise you can trust.