Efficient LED Lighting Systems

Today’s focus is on environmentally friendly solutions and low energy usage, but retro-fitting your existing lighting may seem costly.

PMW Electrical partners with experts in lighting design. We can provide a cost assessment of your premises so you have a clear understanding of installation costs and a forecast for the amount low energy lighting will save you in years to come.

LED lighting is the most efficient way of lighting your business premises – the costs of installation have come down in recent years as it becomes more popular, whilst the benefits include huge reductions in lighting bills and fast payback of investment.

In fact, it’s not just offices that can benefit. Schools, industrial units, commercial property – LED lighting is good for everyone.

Efficient LED lighting can be brighter, making it easier to see and concentrate. Because of the low heat output, they are safer in schools and child related facilities – and there is no doubt that schools can make good use of the funds saved from energy bills.

The PMW Electrical team are experts in complete electrical installations into new developments, or renovating aged lighting systems with minimal impact on the existing building. This means your business can carry on as normal, while we install and test your new money saving lighting system.

If you are looking for cost effective, environmentally friendly and efficient LED lighting with expert installation, call us now.