Critical Telecommunications

Repair and maintenance.

An experienced team with over 20 years experience of the electrical power used in the telecommunications industry, we have a detailed knowledge of the infrastructure across the UK network.

As the telecommunications industry outsource more and more of their own servicing and maintenance, PMW Electrical is highly sought after for our personal knowledge and experience with the exchange power systems in use by the nations largest and best known providers.

We understand that, as a telecommunications provider, thousands of customers rely on you. You only need to rely on us.

Our specialist electricians are on call as your emergency back up, fully qualified and with high-level knowledge, to provide on-site solutions.

Critical Communications

The decision to outsource the care and maintenance of your power network is often a necessity – the company you choose is a matter of trust.

For emergency services, reliable communication systems are vital. Telephone, broadband, mobile networks – lives depend on the stability of the system.

If you are an industry that relies on steady connections in your communications systems, you can rely on us to protect them. We deliver electrical solutions and support from installation through to launch, with on-going maintenance packages.